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Raven Schedule for Spring 2016

Parents (please read prior to start of season): We're so glad you've chosen Explorers Club as an activity for your daughter. All program days are packed with exploring connections to ourselves, one another and nature, along with games, unique discoveries, and learning on many levels. Explorers groups with girls who prioritize attendance offer a much richer experience. We certainly understand the competing commitments girls have in their lives and know that sometimes EC days must be missed. We design schedules with this in mind, carefully doing our best to plan and choose dates around other activities to minimize absences. If your child cannot attend a scheduled day with her group due to illness or family vacation, you may arrange with her group coordinator for her to join another group on another day as a make-up. Make up spots aren't guaranteed – checking with her group coordinator as early as possible in the season is key. There are only four GEC days/season, and the many lessons learned and experiences shared are carried over outing to outing, season to season. We hope girls can prioritize nature connection whenever possible!

Please look over the schedule at the beginning of the season and give us as much advance notice as possible if your daughter needs to shift days. Last minute requests often cannot be met.

BE SURE to use the Be Prepared Checklist when getting ready for each Explorers day. You may go here to download and print a copy of the checklist (we recommend doing this so it's available for easy reference). The mottos that guide much of our program are also on this page - many families find them a useful resource to print, post and refer to in their homes. 

RAVENS: Interested in mentoring younger groups? You can learn about becoming an EMA here

SATURDAY, APRIL 23: 9:30am-5:00pm
SERVICE for Sterling Meadows Community

For the Ravens' last service outing, the Ravens decided they wanted to pass on their love of the outdoors and their naturalist knowledge to a group of younger explorers. The Ravens were particularly interested in getting a group of young people out who do not necessarily get to explore regularly. In collaboration with the Sterling Meadows Community Center, the Ravens will lead an outing for 20 elementary aged kids from the Sterling Meadows Apartment Complex. Sterling Meadows Apartments opened in February 2002 and serves 50 agricultural workers and their families who earn 45% or less of the area median income. This service outing will continue to build on our theme of serving our community while allowing us to share our outdoor skills! 

Directions: Drop off and pick up at Fairhaven Park. Directions here.

SATURDAY, MAY 28 - Monday, May 30: 9:00-6:00
GRADUATION Weekend: Cascade River Campout

The wild and beautiful Cascade River property is a fitting place to transition from our time together as an Explorers Club group. We anticipate these 2.5 days to be filled with exploring and play, reflection and conversation, service to the land, and renewing our connections to each other. We'll re-visit our Explorers Club experience over time and share the values and memories we'll take away from it as we move forward, have extended time in Peaceful Place, advise EC staff on ways to alter/improve Explorers Club, learn about ways to stay involved in the program, and act like eight year olds again! We'll leave first thing Saturday morning and plan to return Monday afternoon to a graduation ceremony with a potluck with parents and a slideshow of our shared exploring from 2012 to the present.

Directions: Drop off at Samish Woods Montessori, 1027 Samish Way. Pick up & potluck location TBA.  

PARENTS: Dates firm, outing details subject to change. Please note that while we endeavor to be on time for pick-up, exploring in nature can be unpredictable, and we are sometimes 5-10 minutes behind schedule. Let us know if you have a time-sensitive event immediately following a GEC outing. Families will receive a group roster prior to the season's start to aid in arranging carpools.