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Please look over the schedule upon registration and give us as much advance notice as possible if there are any conflicts for your child attending. Last minute requests often cannot be met.

In response to parent feedback, we did our best to set an entire year of Explorers Club outings months earlier than previous years. Please know that these dates are subject to change due to inevitable circumstances. We will update you if any dates do change!

Be sure to use (and print if needed) the Be Prepared Checklist when getting ready for each Explorers Club outing. Wild Whatcom Mottos guide much of our program so check them out. Many families find them a useful resource to print and refer to. 

Mentor Contact Info:

Congratulations! The Silverwing Bats are about to embark on their seventh and final season of Explorers Club. Please note the graduation dates (May 3-5, 2019) for this upcoming season and mark it on your family's calendar. We would love it if every explorer was able to attend this special weekend! Many thanks in advance for your family's commitment to the Silverwing Bats and their final season of Explorer's Club. 

Silverwing Bats 2018-19 Schedule 

Outing #1: Saturday, September 15, 2018: 9:00-4:00 PM
For our first outing, the group will hike one of Bellingham's most iconic trails, Oyster Dome. On this day, we will stretch our legs for a brisk autumn hike! We'll review the 10 Essentials of hiking, practice our navigation skills, and catch up after a long summer away from the group. We encourage each explorer to pack their own bags for this day and in doing so, include as many of the 10 Essentials as they think they'll need. We have lots of extra gear at the Wild Whatcom office, so let us know if you'd like to borrow anything specific. This is a seven-hour outing, so extra H2O and snacks are crucial.

Directions: Pick up and drop off will be at the very south end of the Oyster Bar restaurant parking lot. From Bellingham, drive south on Chuckanut Drive for about 8.5 miles. Pass Taylor Shellfish farm and the Oyster Bar parking lot will be on your right-hand side. Please note that this is a small, yet busy road. To be as safe and unobtrusive as possible, we ask families to be as swift in unloading and loading as possible and carpool for both pick up and drop off.

Outing #2: Sunday, October 28, 2018: 10:00-3:00 PM *Please note this was rescheduled from 10/6/18* 
SKILLS: Advanced Herbology in the 100 Acre Woods
At the Bats request, we will be revisiting the Art of Medicinal Plants on this autumn outing. Plants give us many gifts, providing food, clothing, tools, and medicine. As we ramble and roam throughout this south side forest learning lab, we'll review some of the powers of plants to heal (& harm). Part of our time will be spent making a simple, yet ancient skin salve called the Balm of Gilead. We will also have the option of making our own sage smudge sticks, forest tea, and collecting rosehips for honey. 

Directions: From I-5, take the Fairhaven Parkway exit. Go left (south) on 24th (Fairhaven Veterinary Hospital on right). Follow this road for the equivalent of 2-3 blocks until you come to Willis St. (long uphill driveway on left, trailhead on right). Pull to the right side of the road just before Willis and look for mentors waiting and waving.

Outing #3: Sunday, November 11, 2018: 10:00-3:00 PM *Please note this was rescheduled from 11/17/18* 
EXPLORATION/SKILLS: Self Love N. Lake Whatcom
During the time of the year when the weather turns wet and the days become short, it is easy to begin to feel the blues. This is why for the whole day, we will practice many methods of connections to self and forms of giving and receiving self-love. We'll go through a yoga sequence, make forest tea, journal, and talk about examples of self-care that are so necessary for young people to learn. Our focus will be on empowering and accepting ourselves as the girls and women that we are and encouraging each other to do the same. This will be a powerful, special day for the group, and we're excited to try it while exploring outdoors!

Directions: Head east on Alabama St. to North Shore Drive. Take a left onto Northshore Drive. Continue on Northshore Drive 7.2 miles, until it becomes Northshore Road. Drive .05 mile until you reach the North Lake Whatcom trailhead entrance on your left. This is a bit of a drive, so carpooling is suggested. Plan on driving 25 minutes from downtown Bellingham.

Outing #4: Saturday, January 26, 2019: 10:00-3:00 PM
Create Your Own Skill: Shelter Building and Salve Making at Lookout Mountain
Which skill will the Bats choose to review, practice, or learn brand new? They will have three outings to Collaborate and Compromise about what skill to focus on and to come up with a plan for the day. Mentors will provide inspiration and materials and will help to facilitate this CYOS outing!

Outing #5: Saturday, February 23, 2019: 10:00-3:00 PM
SERVICE: Group Breakfast and Bellingham Community Meals
For years, the Bats have been waiting to do service with Bellingham Community Meals Project. On this day, we'll meet at Stormie's house for a big breakfast and conversation about what to expect for the day. Then we'll travel downtown on Moose and meet up with fellow volunteers at the Assumption gym, where the monthly Bellingham Community meal will be served. We'll help set the meal up, serve up some delicious food, and make connections with members of the Bellingham community. 

Directions: ***Please note that pick up and drop off locations are different.*** Drop off will be at Stormie's house. To respect Stormie's privacy, her address will be given out in the outing reminder email. Pick up will be the Assumption Gym, 2116 Cornwall Ave, Bellingham.

Outing #6: Saturday, March 23: TIME TBD
Create Your Own Adventure:
What adventure is behind door three? Will the group choose a hike on Galbraith, a day by the ocean, a traverse in the Chuckanuts? They will have five outings to Collaborate and Compromise about what adventure to embark upon and to come up with a plan for the day. Mentors will provide inspiration and materials and will help to facilitate this CYOA outing!

Outing #7: 5:00PM Friday, May 3- 4:00PM Sunday, May 5
GRADUATION: The Parting of Ways
Wonderful Bats, the time has come for the parting of ways. Much more information to come about graduation.